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Fishing Cape Cod

What to expect...

Fishing mostly for stripers and bluefish through the early part of the summer on Cape Cod, it is always fun to start looking for tuna, bonito and albies as the water gets warmer and those species move in.  Catching fish using topwater techniques is something I specialize in.  If there is any possibility of catching fish on the surface we'll do it.  Take a look at the photo album.  You can catch striped bass and blues all summer fly fishing the flats, but the best time is May thru July.  The tuna start showing up in June, bonito in August and albies in September.

Flats fishing is my passion. If I can get up in shallow water and throw at fish with spin or fly rods, I will.  There is very little that compares to watching a fish eat in crystal clear, skinny water.  I also take my anglers wading quite a bit.  Fish often eat right at our feet!  For a stealthy approach it is the only way to go on the Monomoy, Brewster and Barnstable flats. The weather is unpredictable and it is best to dress in layers throughout the season.  Bring packable rain gear on every trip when you fish Cape Cod with Captain Will!  A great site for weather specifically on Cape Cod is

Types of species I fish for:

Striped Bass
My bread and butter.  A great species to fish for on Cape Cod.  They can be caught using so many techniques and in so many different types of water.  We can fish in 10" of water or 50' in the same day.  Have you ever seen a striper "tailing"?  Not many people have.  There are several shallow flats I know of that it is not uncommon to see a large striper with his tail out of the water feeding on the bottom.  Want to catch stripers on the surface?  Give me a call and we can set up a trip specifically for that style of fishing.  No matter what you throw at them, stripers are alot of fun to catch.

Scrappy and viscious, if you want a fight these fish will give it to you.  Watch out for those teeth!  A great fish to throw poppers at.

Bluefin Tuna
There is nothing like hooking into a bluefin tuna!  Ask a couple of my clients from last year.  They will rip your arms off!  Once you have caught a bluefin on lite tackle it is hard not to become addicted to the feeling.  A blossoming fishery, it is only in the last couple of years that lite tackle fishermen are really targeting these pelagics.  They also taste delicious!  It is amazing to see these fish feed on the surface.  They will really test the tackle.

False Albacore
A great fish to hunt later in the season.  I start looking for these speedsters around the first week of September.  Throwing the fly is particularly challenging for these guys.  Constantly on the go, it takes a quick presentation to be effective for these fish.  Do Not eat falsies, they are terrible.  I have an uncle who didn't believ me.  He spent several days cleaning all the grease/oil off of the grill. 

It has been a while since we have had a really good run of bonito around Chatham, but these fish are fantastic.  Similar to albies in bevaior but completely unlike false albacore when cooked.   

Weird I know, but they can be really fun!  I have fished for cod since I was little, but really never thought of it as something I wanted to put charters on.  Recently having really enjoyed a couple of trips out to Crab Ledge in a friends boat, I have decided to add it to the list.  It is a lot of fun and a great way to get youngsters in to some fish.

7-13 wt. fly rods depending on species 
   Floating lines for popper fishing - it's a blast, call me for more details... 
   Intermediate lines for shallow water 
   Sinking lines for the deep stuff
6.5'-7' Spin rods with various line depending on species.
I use braided line when fishing deep with jigs.  In my opinion it is the only way to go.