I started fishing Cape Cod waters when I was very young, spending much of my time off Chatham. I have been guiding anglers since 1995 and still get as excited about seeing them catch fish as I did the day I started.  I grew up spending my summers on Morris Island in Chatham, spending every spare minute down at the beach throwing jigs, swimming plugs, poppers and eventually fly fishing.  People used to stare when I was fly fishing on the beach.  Now a days it seems like everyone has a fly rod on the boat. 
Later on, graduating to a rowboat, I used to spend countless hours fighting the tide in Stage Harbor while chasing big harbor blues feeding on menhaden.  When I finally was allowed to have an outboard, a monstrous 5 hp, I was hunting schoolies around Morris Island, Monomoy and South Beach. About 15 years and 5 or 6 boats later, my first guide boat was a 16' Carolina Skiff.  She could float on wet sand, but beat the stuffing out of me and my anglers.  I

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A Little About Myself

Also fishing off a 21' Deep V Parker Center Console I have easy access through the old and new cut to the great fishing grounds off Nauset Beach, South Beach and Monomoy.  She is a tank and is the boat I use when fishing for striped bass, blues and chasing the bluefin tuna in the deeper water.  Using stout spin rods throwing poppers and jigging for tuna is a blast.  Having 2 kids myself, trips can be tailored to be family friendly.  If checking out the whales, seals and other marine life or stopping off at the beach for a picnic lunch as well as a little fishing is your thing, let me know and I will accommodate accordingly!

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Guiding Fly fishing and Lite tackle anglers on Cape Cod, flats and rip fishing Monomoy, South Beach, Nantucket Sound, Cape Cod Bay, Nauset Beach...Cape Cod is the best place to fly fish for stripers in shallow clear water!  *USCG Licensed and Insured guided trips*

upgraded to a 18' Hewes Bayfisher, a great little boat, which I had until 2004.  She was starting to show her age and needed a little more TLC than I could give so off she went to a Maine guide who has since fixed her up and kept her on the water.  Fly fishing the flats around Monomoy was great in that little boat. 

Take a look at what some of my clients have experienced out on the water with me. Videos and Photos

Fly Fishing and Lite Tackle Spin Fishing

the Waters Surrounding Cape Cod

For my inshore and flats fishing I now run a 20' Actioncraft, which is a fantastic boat.  This boat has done everything I have asked from her and more. The 140hp Suzuki 4-Stroke on the back has been a super motor.  This boat is ideal to fly fish off because of the clean front and back deck. She only floats in about 12" of water and is perfect for poling the Monomoy, Cape Cod Bay, Brewster and Barnstable flats.  I also like to use her to get me to the spots I can wade with my clients.  Anchoring away from the fish and sneaking up on them is an awesome way to fish the flats.

Take a look at the video below of one of my clients casting to some dimpling stripers and hooking up!